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Believing that your eyes are the source of information about your health, our comprehensive vision exams will go beyond 20/20. At Ideal Family Eye Care, we follow the latest technologies in diagnostic and equipment that allows us to provide our patients with the most thorough, comprehensive eye examinations available. We believe that every patient is very unique! Our doctors and staff always take time to listen and to provide the best solutions to your individual vision and eye care needs.  We understand that best eye care also means being treated with excellence and compassion. We believe in Holistic preventive medicine offering consulting on healthy eating and proper vitamin supplementation that are based on research and effectiveness. We specialize in Myopia Control – the only FDA approved method to reduce myopia progression in children and teenagers. (visit link

Whenever you need stylish glasses, contact lenses, LASIK consultation or need treatment for any ocular diseases such as glaucoma, dry eye syndrome, chronic lid inflammation, Demodex , Cataract or Diabetes, Ideal Family Eye Care is here to keep your eyes healthy and strong! 

Our office has been recognized by Consumer Council of US as the TOP Eye Care Provider in USA.

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We offer:  

  • Comprehensive dilated eye examinations for adults and children
  • Treatment of Eye Diseases – such as dry eye, ocular allergies, infections, and glaucoma, cataracts
  • Second Opinion for previously diagnosed conditions (cataract, retinal problems, glaucoma)
  • Visual Field Testing for those with glaucoma, brain tumors or neurological problems ex MS
  • Retinal Photography and retinal tomography for detection of retinal abnormalities ex, AMD, RD 
  • Small Surgical Procedures – removal of foreign body, punctual occlusion for dry eye
  • Prescription of specialty Contact Lenses and newest digital optical lenses
  • Wide selection of unique designer frames: PRADA , GUCCI, GORGIO  ARMANI , LITECH , SILHOUETTE  and may more
  • Onsite repairs of eyeglasses and sun wear 
  • BlepHex treatment – Newest procedure to treat chronic lid inflammation caused by bacterial build up and Demodex mites
  • Specialty contact lenses
  • Newest technologies in optical lenses: computer lenses for kids and young adults

Patients about our clinic!

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