Sesja Swiateczna 2013-59

Hi, I’m Angelika, and I am the office manager at IFEC. I make sure things in the office run smoothly and your experience with us memorable. If you have comments or concerns I would love to hear about them and I’ll make sure any problems are resolved.





My name is Weronika and I am the Front Desk Coordinator. I’m the first person you see when you walk in and the last when you walk out. I’m more than willing to help you out with your needs during your visit so please do not hesitate to talk to me.

My name is Gosia and I’m the Billing Specialist. I will answer all your questions about your insurance coverage and statements. Also, I am the one that will be calling you if there is an outstanding balance on your account so please answer your phone. I will work with you until we find a common solution.

My name is Bozena and I am your Technician. I will perform all your pretesting and train you how to use your Contact Lenses. During your entry exam be advised that I will know if you’re cheating. If you need glasses, I’ll know. I love to work with people and I hope you’ll enjoy your time spent with me.

Hi I’m Justyna and I am your optician. I will show you a better world. I have years of experience in the optical field and I love fashionable frames. I hope you will trust my opinion when it’s time to choose a pair of frames for you.

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