Polarized sunglasses can benefit eyesight in several ways, including reducing glare, making colors appear more vibrant, making the sun less straining and harsh on the eyes, and making daytime driving easier. Here at Ideal Family Eye Care in Chicago, we provide a wide selection of polarized glasses to give your eyes optimal protection from the sun.

What Are Polarized Glasses?

Polarized sunglasses are an excellent choice for people who spend a lot of time outdoors. Polarized glasses fight glare, making it a lot easier to see on sunny days. Glare generally occurs when light waves bounce off reflective surfaces like lakes, snowy mountains, or shiny objects. Since the surface is horizontal, the light is reflected horizontally.

Polarized glasses have a special chemical applied to their lenses to filter light. The chemicals work to block some of the light that passes through the lens. The lenses on polarized glasses work to prevent light glare from hitting the sunglass wearer straight in the eye. The filter on polarized glasses is vertical. This allows only some of the light to pass through the openings. Since the light from glare is generally horizontal, polarized glasses block this type of light, only allowing vertical light in.

People who work outdoors love polarized glasses, so do athletes who compete outdoors, like runners, cyclists, golfers, and rowers who rely on polarized glasses to see their path clearly. The filter is vertical with polarized lenses, so only some light can pass through the openings. Because glare is typically horizontal light, polarized lenses block this light and only allow vertical light. The horizontal light is blocked by polarized lenses, which helps eliminate glare from shining directly into your eyes.

Benefits of Polarized Glasses

  • Better overall vision, especially during bright light
  • Reduced glare and reflection from the sun and water
  • Reduced strain on the eyes when spending time outdoors
  • Better color perception
  • Better visibility during daytime driving

When driving on a sunny day, it can be extremely hard to see correctly, especially if you are wearing non-polarized sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses can block a lot of the glare that is caused when sunlight hits the windshield. Driving is a lot safer when you can see, and you don’t have to worry about focusing on adjusting your eyes. Instead, you can just focus on the road ahead.

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