We’ve partnered with Dr. Kevin Kovach of the Kovach Eye Institute to perform LASIK procedures. You may have a lot of questions about the procedure. Here are the FAQs about LASIK in Chicago.

What Is LASIK Surgery?

LASIK surgery uses a cool light to reshape the surface of the eye and improve your vision. The laser removes bits of tissue to correct nearsightedness and steepens the cornea to improve vision for those with far sightedness. By smoothing out the corneal defect, our eye doctors can correct astigmatism.

LASIK in Chicago reshapes the cornea so it can focus images for sharper vision. LASIK and PRK are the two kinds of LASIK surgery.

How Safe Are LASIK and PRK?

Both LASIK and PRK are safe treatments. The cool beam of light used in this surgery does not injure the eye. The surgeon can turn the laser off at any time and always has control of the procedure.

Like any other procedure, there are certain associated risks. Ask your eye doctor at Ideal Family Eye Care for a complete list of risk and possible complications. Many clients report dry eyes after the procedure. Others develop nighttime glare. However, the risk of serious injury is extremely low. Generally, clients report very favorable outcomes.

Can I Do Both Eyes at Once?

Yes! LASIK is typically done on both eyes in one visit. For PRK, your doctor may perform the surgery on one eye and have you come back in a week or two to do the other one. That’s because it takes longer to develop clear vision after PRK surgery.

How Is LASIK Surgery in Chicago Different than Other Eye Surgery?

LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileuses) has a lower risk of complications than many traditional eye surgeries. In fact, older techniques involve manual incisions rather than using the highly precise laser to make corrections.

Does LASIK Surgery Hurt?

You won’t feel pain during LASIK surgery. The surgeon applies anesthetic in the form of eye drops prior to the procedure. You may also receive a prescription for pain medication if required. Most LASIK patients have mild discomfort and clear vision following the procedure.

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