We offer the best selection of designer eyeglasses or glasses frames in Chicago and we understand that the most important part of finding the right glasses also means finding the right lenses. Your lifestyle can help you determine what will work best for you. At Ideal Family Eye Care, we offer the following lenses to fit with your frames:

Polycarbonate: Are you a runner? Do you enjoy great Chicago bicycle trails? Polycarbonate lenses are great option for athletes and active individuals. They are impact resistant and don’t easily scratch or break. They are also a great choice for children! Polycarbonate lenses also offer some UV protection.

Aspheric: Unlike typical lenses, these are made from differing degrees of curvature over the surface, providing for a much thinner and flatter lens. It also provides a bigger portion of the glass that is usable.

High Index Plastic: Do you have a big prescription but don’t want to give up designer frames? High Index Plastic lenses are great for wearers who require a strong prescription. They are not the typical “coke bottle” lenses. They are much thinner and user friendly.

Photochromic: Sunny Chicago weather requires wearing sunglasses for most of the year! If you don’t like to change glasses every time you go outside Photochromic lenses are perfect for you. Can be made from either glass or plastic. They change from clear to tint when exposed to the sun. These eliminate the need for prescription sunglasses saving you money and hassle.